Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lectures from the Future of Christendom Conference

Some of the lectures from the recent Future of Christendom conference held by the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society:

Martin Selbrede: "The Kingdom of God: Extensive, Intensive, Protensive"

Paul Michael Raymond: "Christian Education: The Root of Reformation"

Charl Van Wyk: "Fighting the Demons in Africa, Body and Soul"

Buddy Hanson: "Game Strategy on the Kingdom Playing Field" 

Matthew Trewhella: "Iconoclasm: The Confrontation Between Christ and the State"

Friday, June 30, 2017

Reforming the Arts Conference: August 10-12 in Appomattox, VA

About the Reforming Arts Conference
The Reforming Arts Conference is especially designed to help educate, empower and inspire Christian art enthusiasts. It is vital that Christians discover what God has to say about the arts, and the great need and influence the arts have upon a culture.

Although ‘the arts’ encompasses everything from 2-dimensional gallery work to pottery, photography, film-making, literary arts, performing arts and music, this conference will highlight the visual arts. This conference is not only directed to the artist himself, but also to anyone who views, purchases, or simply enjoys it. That includes everyone!

Christians must realize the value and importance of the creative world of the arts as God has intended, whether they produce it or support it in some way.

Be informed and encouraged by attending the first Reforming Arts Conference in Appomattox, Virginia, Thursday – Saturday, August 10th -12th , 2017! The conference will begin with registration on Thursday evening at 6:30 and officially end after the luncheon on Saturday.

Learn more here